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Image by Emiliano Vittoriosi


What is Hypno-Reiki?

Reiki - Hypno-Reiki is the ultimate bringing together of two deeply powerful and relaxing healing modalities, creating the optimum connection to one’s self; and accessing the body and mind's own healing abilities.

This carefully arranged treatment involves first gently being guided into therapeutic hypnosis, where your therapist will then perform Reiki by clearing blocked energy pathways, in conjunction with positive suggestion to encourage you to deal with any underlying issues.  Whilst in this relaxed state of hypnosis, you will feel at ease physically yet fully awake mentally.  A result of being more open to suggestion, with more direct access to the subconscious mind is improved physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.  The hypnosis allows the subconscious to accept and receive the Reiki energy without resistance, as your body is relaxed and mind is fully focussed.

Carried out together and in harmony, the Hypno-Reiki practice has longer-lasting effects than individual therapies and allows clients to experience a deeper connection.

Why Hypno-Reiki?

As the body relaxes and blood pressure and heart rate are lowered during therapeutic hypnosis, this affects brain wave activity n consequently the mind becomes more open 

These therapies can assist in relieving stress by allowing us to let go of damaging emotions such as anxiety, anger, phobias, bereavement and burnout, and this often leads to relief from pain and discomfort, and an overall feeling of profound relaxation and mental clarity.  Some have described feeling warm and tingly, light, relieved, happy and hopeful, tranquil and calm, confident, and sometimes incredibly emotional.  Other benefits include improved sleep quality and a sense of real progress and empowerment, with positive change more achieveable. 

In turn, these positive feelings, confidence in oneself and trust in your intuition can lead to better insight, personal growth and spiritual calm. Hypno-Reiki really is the ultimate in mindfulness activities, creating feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.

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