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Hi, I'm Jane...

and what do I love? I love to help people become the people they truly want to be.

We have all been given curve balls in life, even including myself, but what I have learnt over the years is that I do not want others to define my life.

After many years learning about mental health in general, I wanted to do something that I could help others.    Its a tough road that thing called life, roads leading everywhere, influences everywhere, not knowing the right path to go down, this is where we get stuck.  Sometimes we go down the path because its easier, its what we know, but ask yourself, is that really the person you want to be.  Sure its easy, but YOU will WIN out by doing the hard work and being the real you.

When I was introduced to Hypnotherapy, first I was like, "ahhhh that's the one that makes you cluck like a chook on stage!!!  but no, the further I went into it, the further I realized, all through our lives, things have happened and those things effect us today, whether mentally or physically - our subconscious stores so much.   

Everyone has a positive intentions, from releasing stress from smoking, emotional eating and then have weight challenges,  unexplained pain even after all the tests, anxiety, depression, addictions to sugar, chocolate, alchohol drugs, the list is endless.   


The human mind is so powerful, my motto is that is people can will themselves to live or die, we can will ourselves to do anything we put our mind to.     So let me help you make the better you, don't let others define your life and who you are, no more victim roles, lets move forward, NO lets jump forward on to new beginnings!!!

Look forward to being part of your journey xxx


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